Drawings are broken up into collections, by subject or location. Most are mixed media, which includes the waxy and crumbly kindergarten Cray-Pas, and the creamy Caran D'ache crayon. Many are watercolor. All represent personal observation, from field drawings, collected specimens, or personal photography.

Images include observations of rock formations, water, mists and clouds, lichen and soil, evidence of local fauna, The fauna themselves, as well as traces of human use - such as signage, architectural structures, and cultural artifacts. I am interested in patterns found in nature, and how, as graphic information, they expose the science behind our environment's rich visual tapestry, as well as the interaction with animal (including human) populations. Patterns are nature's own "drawings", and while beautiful, they are neither arbitrary nor random. They can reveal scientific processes, natural structures, the workings of time itself. They expose cycles which occur in both short and great time frames.