oona stern

The latest in the Adfreeze Project series, "Iceline" depicts the Arctic Ocean from the perspective of floating glacial ice. Investigating the boundary between above and below water, "Iceline" is an interactive and immersive installation which provides a portal into the sonic and visual details of this chaotic, beautiful, environment.

Adfreeze Project
is an interdisciplinary collaboration between visual artist Oona Stern and composer Cheryl Leonard that investigates the Spitsbergen region of the Arctic. Through video installation, musical performance, travelogue journal and drawing, the work captures the temporal fragility of the region. Portraits detailing areas of Spitsbergen are crafted through light, sound and space, transforming the gallery and transporting the viewer to a place of reflection about the natural world. Adfreeze Project is fiscally sponsored by the New York State Foundation for the Arts.