Video samples on this page are intended as reference for “Iceline”, currently in development. PASSWORD = entry code

"Iceline" is a multimedia installation that offers a portal into the sonic and visual details of a chaotic and beautiful at-risk environment. It shows the Arctic ocean aswarm with icebergs, bergy bits, and other ice debris. The ice makes its way from the crumbling terminal face of a tidewater glacier out to the open ocean to melt. From one perspective, the journey reflects the natural cycles of water on our planet. More imperatively, it highlights effects of climate change, melting polar ice caps, rising sea levels, and increasing occurrences of severe weather. "Iceline" reveals events once distant and future, but now less so, and critically addresses the relationship of people to natural phenomena in remote regions.

"Monacobreen" 2:00
Video, audio, rocks, paint; 12' x 14' x 14'. 2011
Audio by Cheryl E Leonard. Video by Oona Stern.

Audio and video field recordings from Liefdefjorden.
Installed at Insomnia Future Music and Techno Festival.
Kurant Gallery, Tromsø, Norway.


“Glugge” 8:30
Audio by Cheryl E Leonard. Video by Oona Stern.

In the music, field recordings of the barkentine Antigua sailing and motoring in the Arctic Ocean are combined with sounds played on sand, glass, kelp flutes, water, limpet shells, saw blades, and rocks from Trygghamna, Svalbard. Video footage was shot on location in Forlundsundet, Raudfjorden, and Woodfjorden, Svalbard.

Performed at Augustana Teaching Museum of Art, January 11, 2017. 2 minute excerpt.
Audio by Cheryl E Leonard. Video by Oona Stern.

The music is comprised of sounds played on rock slabs from Breaker Island, Antarctica, Antarctic limpet shells, sand, and clam shells, together with field recordings of water and brash ice in the Southern Ocean. Video was shot in the Drake Passage, with additional footage from Raudfjorden, Svalbard, and Buttermilk Channel, NY.

“Iceline” 2 minute sample
Audio by Cheryl E Leonard. Video by Oona Stern.

Video footage was shot from the water in Liefdefjorden, Svalbard. The audio is crafted from field recordings of floating Arctic ice combined with sounds produced on stone slabs and other natural material from the region.